KAP1 Consulting was established in 2004 and is a registered trademark. The KAP1 experts develop concepts and solutions in the areas of top management consulting and human resources management and also accompany their clients during implementation.

KAP1 Consulting stands for consistently high quality standards provided by highly qualified and experienced experts delivering considerable added value for clients in various fields.

In addition, the experts of KAP1 Consulting follow a new and individual path: On the one hand they cooperate as colleagues, while respecting each other's mutual client relationships, they benefit from shared information and common resources and work consistently to the highest conceivable standards. On the other hand, they are independent entrepreneurs and therefore cooperate with business owners, investors and chief executives in a relationship based on a very close mutual trust and to the highest possible standards of confidentiality.

KAP1 Consulting ranks among the 'hidden champions', who are esteemed above all by large multinational companies and by major medium-sized enterprises valuing the specific expertise, the individual approach as well as the excellent service provided. The crucial aspect, however, is that the experts always complete their projects successfully and go beyond mere expectations.